We are ecstatic with our  Far Infrared Vital Sauna! When we purchased it we thought “if it does half the stuff people are experiencing it would be fantastic". Well, it not only did what we had hoped but has far exceeded our expectations. We feel like we have found the closest possible thing to the “Fountain of Youth”. In the 5 months since we starting using our sauna the following has happened: *Weight loss over 30lbs for me and over 15lbs for my wife.. Note; we have been dieting as well but we have both been off and on diets most our lives and there is no doubt the sauna is contributing significantly to the losses. *I had mild nighttime indigestion that is now gone. Had it for about 3 weeks prior to getting the sauna. *Our skin is much, much smoother, cleaner and softer. My wife and I often joke that we would be willing to challenge any baby to a softest skin contest. Some moles have just fallen off both of us! *I now have full range of motion in left shoulder. Only had ¾ range for last two years. *My lipomas are dissolving. I had 10 to 12 in my abdomen and lower back for 15+ years. 50% are now completely gone and the remaining are 75% gone. The large one on right lower leg is now 50% gone and very soft. *I had nerve damage pain/sensitivity in arm caused by a blood test (needle hit a nerve), that is now gone. *We feel incredible! Much more energized and alive. I have no seasonal depression this year with the gloomy Indiana winter. *We’re drinking 2 to 3 times as much water as we ever drank. *These results are encouraging the addition of more exercise and attention to better eating habits. *MOST IMPORTANTLY, my average blood pressure prior to the sauna was 138/94 (I was supposed to be on meds but was not taking). Now it is averaging 114/72!!! NO MEDS; INCREDIBLE! What more can we say, this is the best thing we have ever purchased for ourselves. It has changed our lives and we will never be without one again. T & L Carmel IN Todd Burton Real Estate Broker        

Todd Burton