"I will come on the show and tell everybody 'I am a believer' as a testimonial. I did not want the house cluttered with more furniture, no matter how nice it looks. But, after using the sauna the first time...I loved it. After a few more times I realized what a difference it is making. I have more energy. I am more rested. I breathe better. I noticed especially, that after traveling to China for 5 days then back to California for two days and then to Omaha, Nebraska for two days and back to California for one day and on to Dubai for 3 days and back to California, I did not suffer from the severe jet lag I have had in the past. I sat in my (it used to be our) Vital Sauna every night when I was home in California. I read, worked and relaxed for 30 to 45 minutes each time and I am, as you can tell, more than delighted with the healthy results."

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Dr. Maryann Rosenthal