"As a holistic MD always interested in safe, effective methods of detoxification for my chronically ill patients, I have found that using the infrared sauna is invaluable. Many are able to use this at home for a full detoxification course with remarkable results in cardiovascular disease, heavy metal toxicity, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia as well as arthritis. I am beginning to recommend it for chronic neurologic disorders such as Alzheimers disease, Parkinson's disease, ALS and autism. Many health practitioners recognize the effectiveness of a slow, gentle, effective process of generalized detoxification through sweating which rarely causes detoxification symptoms. As this is so well tolerated it is now known to be one of the premier methods to treat environmental toxicity from industrial sources such as the 9/11 workers problems. When a recognized form of toxicity occurs it is often difficult to "detox" directly and only supportive measures are given which do not address the problem directly. Most herbal-fasting detoxification programs are unable to remove heavy metals to any appreciable extent. Many patients are too ill to tolerate more vigorous detox and dietary methods to remove heavy metals and will become sicker on these. The infrared sauna solves this problem very neatly by being exceedingly gentle and slow and by removing the full range of toxins from the body including heavy metals. Patients also gain a sense of control over their disease and develop a sense of pride in doing something active about their health issues in the privacy of their home. I recommend this form of detoxification to all concerned about improving their health with a proven, safe and gentle method."

Arthur Gertler, M.D.