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Sauna is a room made of wood which is filled with heat. It is meant for relaxing human body and sweating. If anybody is suffering from body pain, accidental injury or sports injury, saunas are the permanent and best treatment. These saunas are designed by engineers with the mixture of vital rays, magnetic flux therapy system and carbon technology. Globally known, importance of sauna, which are recommended by sports persons, athletes, trainers, physiotherapist, celebrities and tycoons.


1. REPUTATION: The best customer service reputation of any company online that has been in business for over 5 years.

2. EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT: Vital saunas are very effective and efficient to keep our body fit and healthy.

3. QUALITY EFFECT: Top quality and important radiation heating units release very consistent heat at just the right micron levels for highest possible intake by human body, and they are ranked at 200,000 hours.

4. CERTIFICATIONS: Vital Saunas meets the same Edison testing laboratories certification (ETL / ETL-C certification) standards used for producing medical devices.

5.  SAFE AND SECURE:  ROHS Certification guarantees that we do not use any harmful content in the production of our saunas. So our saunas are very safe and secure. The rays which are passed from sauna heat emit only 2.4 Mg EMF at the bench.

6. FEATURE:  Vital Saunas offers unique and attractive features like full surround heating panels, soft touch dual control panels, oxygen ionizer with Aromatherapy, hidden interlock system,
exclusive Magnetic Flux Therapy system to maximize the therapeutic benefits of your sauna. It is also very easy to function electronic management sections with electronic LED screen. Our saunas have easy accessibility for the functions of saunas both inside and outside i.e. it can be controlled both sides.

7. ASSURANCE:  Vital Saunas offers a lifetime assurance on all major elements of the sauna and a one year in-house replacement assurance on all peripheral items including the stereo, lamps, O3 ionizer etc.

8.OUTSTANDING DESIGN: – Vital sauna provides different models of saunas which are made by our expert and professional engineers. These saunas can be easily adjusted in your house.

9. SOUND SYSTEM AND LIGHTING : – There are exclusive sound system and unique lighting in luxuries series of vital sauna. An FM / CD with MP3 slot music is engaged with all our saunas, so that you can pay interest to music while relaxing your body.

Internationally known, Vital Saunas® are preferred by pro athletes, trainers and physical therapists. Our saunas are superiorly engineered with the innovative combination of our VITAL RAYS® Carbon Technology and MAGNETIC FLUX Therapy System, to increase the healing power of our saunas!

“Winning Factor utilizes Vital Saunas as a vital part of the recovery process for our world class athletes and as an integrate part of our Weight Management System.”

- John Schaeffer, MFS, MSS, MPN, WF Founder

Discovery Channel, NBC Sports, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight…

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Full Coverage Heaters
Vital Rays® Far Infrared Carbon Technology heating panels are superiorly engineered with the advanced Japanese technology. Our panels have a high heat resistance and full surround heat distribution, thereby, emitting beneficial far infrared heat at an optimal output range of 7 to 14 microns, aka “Vital Rays”, with the highest concentration output of approximately 9.4 microns.
MAGNETIC FLUX THERAPYflux therapyOur Saunas are enhanced with the Magnetic Flux Theray System to increase the healing power of our saunas!
Quality and Safety are top core values of Vital Saunas. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in the industry. Our manufacturing facility conforms to ISO 9001:2000 standards and we hold high quality, safety and electrical certifications. Our top quality craftsmanship saunas are built with safety and environmentally-friendly standards in mind. Here is a list of our certifications and memberships:etl cert
ce cert
ROHS cert
iso cert